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Instead of fumbling your way into the nail industry wasting thousands of dollars on poor education, tools & products. Let me help you start making money sooner.

Carlz007_Change colour of nails_09-Sep-2020_V4

Instead of fumbling your way into the nail industry wasting thousands of dollars on poor education, tools & products. Let me help you start making money sooner.

The Elite Masterclass

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What my students say

I've had a great experience and Carly believed in me when I didn't. Can not fault her as an instructor. Really enjoyed my training and am sad it is all over.
Tamara W
It was a fun and small class and Carly was a great teacher. I learnt so much in such a small amount of time.
Anna P
Mango Hill

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To see how lessons are delivered, how feedback is given and what’s inside our product kit. 

The quality of nails
my students achieve after just 10 weeks

Learn from the comfort
of your own
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in a classroom

What to expect during your training with Elite:  

  • Over 40 extensive step by step educational videos taught by industry experts
  • LIVE virtual classroom sessions weekly  
  • 24/7 Access to head educator Carly Green 
  • Recorded individual feedback to  ensure you know exactly how to improve your skills
  • LIVE Weekly Q & A sessions or demos for student comprehension

Note that unless  you complete each module of the course to the Elite standard you will not receive your certificate of completion.

Carly is direct and to the point, she will tell you when  your work isn’t to standard and she will also ensure you understand how to improve, improving is up to you.

For this reason not everyone who applies is accepted, as we know that not everyone has the drive to push themselves or be held accountable for their own success.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions. Be sure to check these out because many of the things floating through your mind have been the same thoughts of my other students. Perhaps you’re wondering if this is too good to be true. Perhaps you’re wondering about the cost. Can I afford this? Perhaps you just don’t know if you’re good enough yet…I get it. 
Let’s just get the big one out of the way.
Do I need to be trained already?
This course is for beginners right through to those who have already completed a Cert III. We start from the beginning but this time…the education you will receive is going to give you MORE of exactly what you need to know that I discovered is missing from mainstream education. These are the bits that make ALL the difference.


Most frequent questions and answers

The academy runs 48 weeks a year. You can join at any time.

This course is delivered with a combination of pre recorded step by step video content and explanations, interactive weekly virtual classroom sessions, live training sessions, quizzes, infographics and a practical assessments.

We will do everything we can to help you succeed, however it is your responsibility to complete your home assignments each week in order to pass your competency assessments. Having models to practice on will result in quicker application speeds and practical training. The more you practice on real people the better you will become. A life like training finger is included in your kit also. 

Each training session is recorded for you to be able to view at a later time. 

You are encouraged to attend live sessions to ensure you can ask questions and get clarification on anything you are struggling with.

This training has been specifically designed to teach you all of the theoretical and practical knowledge required to work in the nail industry.

Although it is delivered online the live virtual classroom sessions and in depth content allows you to learn like no other online educational experience.

With the state of the art recording used during this training it will feel like a hands on class to ensure a high level of understanding and comprehension. 

There is also no need for placement in order to gain your certificate which is often very difficult to obtain.

When you submit your case studies they are reviewed via video and the link is sent to you to ensure you understand exactly where and how to improve.

Your educator has not only built a 6 figure business in less than 2 years, but she has also won Overall division champion at the Hair & Beauty Expo in Brisbane 2018 and travelled overseas for International educator training in 2019.

She is constantly undertaking additional training and learning about new products in the industry to stay up to date with what is available so you can rest assured that the information taught to you is relevant. 

The Hair & Beauty industry in Australia is currently unregulated, which means there is no governing body to uphold strict guidelines and education requirements for our field.

Thus offering a Certificate III in Nail Technology currently is not something we offer as it is filled with very basic nail education (resulting in students being given certificates when they are NOT industry ready) These courses mostly cover retail training or other beauty service skills which focus on you finishing your training and becoming an employee.

When the standard of ‘accredited training’ meets the same high standard of education the Elite Nail Academy delivers we will then become a Registered Training Organisation. 

With the completion of your certificate with ENA you will be industry certified and able to obtain insurance and begin your nail career. 

We use Humm & ZipMoney for our interest free finance options.

One requires a credit check & the other requires access to your bank statements to ensure you can afford the repayments.

We understand that life happens, and that previous mistakes shouldn’t hinder you from creating your future.

If both of these companies are not viable we do offer a direct debit option to pay off your course balance over 6 months however there is an upfront contribution required also.

We are a strong believer in you get out what you put in. The more you practice, submit case studies for feedback and work through the course the faster you will develop as a Nail Technician. 

I’ve had students complete training in 6 weeks and go on to produce work that techs who have been in the industry for 5 years can’t pull off

I’ve also had students who say they have been practicing, however they hadn’t and it shows in their work.

In short it comes down to you and how badly you want it!


You have access to your support group, and learning portal forever. 

You paid for it so of course you can always refer back to it should you need. 

What is limited is your direct assess to your educator. 

When you become a student you will have 12 weeks where you will be able to message, call or text Carly and ask questions, submit case studies and ask for feedback. During these 12 weeks she will respond to you within 24 hours ( normally about 3-5) 

Outside of those 12 weeks you will still have access to Carly however the response time will be more like 48-72 hours for non urgent questions. 

Book your Intake Interview

This is an opportunity for you to meet your educator Carly and ask as many questions as you like, your partner is welcome to join also.

During this coversation Carly will outline the course curriculum, pricing structure and determine if she believes you are a good fit for the Academy.

Ultimately she wants what is best for you and your current situation even if that isn’t the Academy, if that is the case she will be able to recommend other training opportunities for you.