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Hey Nail Boss!
Is it time you started making

some Serious money?

Imagine waking up every morning and knowing EXACTLY what you needed to do to grow your business.

Now think about how it would feel to be tagged in posts all over social media and read your clients raving about how AMAZING you are. 🤩

Having a successful & highly profitable business doesn’t happen by chance, you need to have a strategy in place and know which tools to use to help you achieve these results quickly. 

I remember how frustrating it was to be working so hard at perfecting my nail skills, yet every time I posted an offer trying to bring in more clients all I heard was crickets! 🦗

I decided to invest in my business knowledge and that’s when everything changed.

And when I say changed I mean EXPLODED!!

I’m talking $15,000 a year to over $100,000 in just over 12 months.

If you want to go ALL IN on your business growth and make 2021 the year you, bring in more clients, grow your profits & savings, understand your numbers, increase your confidence, self belief, and actually build the business you have always wanted…

My brand new 12 month program
Nail Boss Academy
has been created for you.

By the end of 2021 you will have mastered the art of bringing in your ideal clients, keeping them coming back, you will understand your numbers and have more money in the bank, you will have less stress, more time, and a more positive outlook and attitude towards your business and life in general.

Gone are the days where you could just do great work and people magically found you

Standing out when you have so much ‘competition’ is hard, especially if you don’t know what you should be doing to be noticed. 

I see multiple times a day all across the world, ladies asking how they should set up their business, how much they should be charging, how they can get more clients, which systems & products they should be using and 90% of the time it is the blind leading the blind. 

Nobody who has actually made decent money as a Nail Technician is offering to share their knowledge with the world. 

Except me 🤷🏻‍♀️

Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t believe in competition or maybe its because I’m sick of seeing so many ladies having to leave their families to go and work for someone else when they just can’t get their business off the ground. 

Either way I’ve had enough!

I want to build a global community of
kick ass
business women who earn a FUCK TON of money, doing something they love, around their family & still have the freedom to choose how they spend their day

The Nail Boss Academy is a
12 month
business and marketing personalised blueprint which teaches you how to generate unlimited new clients and set up your business to operate at optimal efficiency.

Now even though we take our time and make sure you know how to set your business up properly doesn’t mean you can’t be making $ straight away.

The Nail Boss Academy is LIVE so we will be adding and creating additional content as YOU need it. So we can best support you, where you are at right NOW!!

If you need a checklist, or a how to video all of these support materials can be found inside our resource library.

If something is missing you can always request the support document or videos and we will get the resource created. 

The goal is for your business journey to be as stress free as possible.

There will be a private Facebook group to share your ideas, ask for recommendations, receive feedback on your Facebook ads, and all things business. 

I am even going to teach you how to set up your own website! 🤯

I will be joining you 2 times per week to help you develop your business strategy & provide coaching calls to keep you accountable to your business goals.

There will be 12 Key Points we will cover over the year together and when implemented they allow you to build a solid foundation for your business success.

Spend the next 12 months with me and my team and build the business and life of your dreams

BY WORKING Together you will master

Time Management, Mindset, Vision.

Before you can make significant changes in your life and business you need to take control of the way you spend your time and make sure you are spending it on the right things…

During the first month you will start thinking about your time differently, start working the most important areas of your business and ensure you are spending your time wisely. 

We will create a clear vision for your future that pulls you towards it and drive into the power of positive thinking and manifestation. 

In order to grow and change your business we will be exploring any limiting beliefs and thoughts you have that are holding you back from creating the business of your dreams. 

Understanding Your Ideal Clients & WTF They Want From You

Next, you’re going to set your online presence up in a way that effortlessly attracts your ideal clients and people who want to do business with you. You’ll understand what your audience really wants to see from you and how to brand and position yourself in a way that effortlessly attracts new followers and clients.

Logo's & Branding

An amazing logo will portray a level of professionalism and quality right from the start. 

It’s one of the first things people will see when they come across your business and you need to ensure it is sending the right message. 

Your brand positions your business in the market, it allows your potential customers to know who you are, who you service and if they will feel comfortable there. 

Yes, colours, language, and images all create your brand and if your imagery, content, business name is mismatched and looks like a cluster fuck it’s going to be harder for them to relate to you. 

Together we will identify your brand and how you can best execute it both online & in salon.

Pricing Your Services

Understanding your running costs is just as important as knowing your product costs. Working out these numbers can be painful which is why I have created a completely customised plug and play spreadsheet that allows you to enter in all of your costs, opening hours, business running expenses. It also calculates your wage, minimum hourly rates, and total service costs so you know exactly what you NEED to be making to be profitable. 

How cool is that!

Marketing & Advertising

The purpose of marketing and advertising is to attract people to you and get them interested in what you have to offer.

Once you know who you want to attract and what they want to see this becomes easy, and we will put a heavy focus on bringing in new enquiries and clients to your business!

Sales & Making Money

Marketing is only one side of the “getting clients” part of your business, in order to actually get the people who find you to buy from you (and for them to buy again and again) you need to build relationships.

Sales is a skill all on its own that really involves understanding how to talk to people in a way that makes them Know, Like & Trust you. 

We will look at ways you can build your audience presence and help you understand how these tasks will build your reputation for being the most trusted salon around.

Together we will dramatically improve your sales skills and sales process so that you can convert more enquiries into clients and keep them coming back and buying from again and again.


Client Experience

In order to keep your business growing without you needing to constantly be looking for “new clients” you must master the art of the client experience.

This is not to be confused with “customer service” or “delivery of product or service” it’s about how people FEEL ABOUT YOU, your business and your brand.

When they feel good, they want to come back, and they want to tell everyone how great you are – thus doing a lot of the hard work for you!!

You don’t need to discount your services to develop LOYAL brand ambassadors. 

Money & Numbers

Once you’ve mastered the art of bringing money into your business you need to understand it and know what to do with it!

Some needs to be saved. Some needs to be spent in a more strategic way to improve your cash flow and you need to track what’s working and what isn’t so you can control your growth!

This is the part I really enjoy but if you hate numbers I have created ways to make it not too painful, and even a little bit fun. 

Following my money mastery checklist I will share with you how to prepare for tax season and what questions you need to be asking your accountant in order to maximise your PROFITS and lower your tax liabilities. 

Money mastery is IMPORTANT, you cannot ignore this if you want to be a successful business owner and become good with money!

Instagram & Photography

Whether you like it or not a picture speaks a 1000 words and most of you are severely missing out on captivating your audience with poorly photographed nails.

Taking instaworthy nail pics isn’t hard you just need to know exactly what to do, which programs to use and how to use them efficiently.

We will look at optimising your Instagram feed to get the most out of this social media powerhouse.

Facebook Ads

Boosted posts, dark posts, retargeting ads, Facebook pixel all of these things can be really difficult to understand and when executed poorly cost you dearly. 

Together I will walk you through each option and help you understand how all of them can be used to quickly excellerate your profits.

I built my entire business with Facebook advertising. 

I’ve spent just over $8000 on Facebook ads over the last 3 years and made just under $500,000

That’s a pretty good ROI.


If you don’t have a website for your business you are missing out on some serious lead potential. 

Everyone uses Google to find anything & everything. 

Having a website is what takes your little home salon and elevates it to the top of the list for all the world to see. 

It brings a level of professionalism & I have built a very simple masterclass for you to create your own without the need of a web developer. 

Video Marketing & Creating Your Own Commercials

Video is currently KING on social media and if you want your business to stand out you need to know how to create stunning videos & commercials to advertise your services.

We will even create your very own gifs to use on your socials.

Are you ready to

Turn Your Nail Passion into a
6 Figure Business?


If you are looking for easy, Keep looking

Although I will teach you everything you need to know, step by step it is up to you to implement to see results.

By joining the  Nail Boss Academy you are declaring to the world that you are done with playing small, your business dreams are achievable  and you are worth the investment to do so.

Now once inside shit is going to get real and we will get to work right away. 

You have access to me via the group, Facebook messenger and email and I respond within hours not days!

What is holding you back from already living your dream life & owning your dream business?

If it’s any of the following, this is why I decided to create the Nail Boss Academy the way I am…

Lack of support, understanding or encouragement from team or partner…

Feeling misunderstood or not good enough, lacking confidence in self.

Lack of clarity / not knowing what to focus on / not knowing what to do to get ahead.

No strategy, not prioritising education or growth, stuck in the day-to-day, procrastinating, lacking self discipline.

Fear of the unknown or fear of change.

Have you dealt or are you dealing with any of these?
If so, please let me help you turn it all around…



Here are some of the things
People are saying
about me

Why Join ?

Because I want this for you as much as you want it for yourself. I want you to be the ONE nail technician in your local area that everyone is raving about.
I want your Instagram page to be flooded with followers loving your work. 
And in full transparency, my dream is to be the best nail educator on the planet…so I need YOU to become the BEST too!
Do you want to be the best at what you do?
If the answer is YES, your next step becomes an easy decision. 

How To get started

Sign up and spend the next 12 months with me, my clients & my team in this brand new business growth and life changing journey.

We will come together twice a week & focus on a different pillar each month.

You get to ask all the Q’s during each training and in the group throughout the week, to make sure you understand everything and are feeling comfortable and confident with implementation.

You are welcome to include your partner in this program to improve connection, support and understanding!!

In 12 months from now you will be a brand new version of yourself.

A more serious business owner.

You will have more time, more money & more freedom.

You’ll have less stress, less confusion, less fear, and more confidence.

Your business hours will be fixed, and you’ll be more profitable. 

The doors for the Academy are only open for 7 days, and then they will be closed for the rest of the year.




Are you ready for your new life ?


This is a ONE TIME opportunity.

We all will start at the same time.
The first official training has begun.begins MONDAY 23rd November

(When the doors reopen in 2021, the price will be almost double).

Because this is the FIRST TIME I am offering Nail Boss Academy, if you join now and commit to changing your life in 2021 you will be getting a VERY SPECIAL PRICE.


What is the investment?

Just $197 per week for 52 weeks
Pay in full and receive 1 month FREE
and save $853. 

Prices are in AUD.

It is a 12 month program which means to get the results you need to commit to the 12 months however there are NO lock in contracts.

Let's Break It Down

To cover the year of intimate business coaching with me and my team

 you will need just 10 new regular clients paying a minimum of $65 per appointment.


Every other client you attract because of the work we will do together inside the academy is all PROFIT


Need To Ask Some More Questions?

Let's make your dreams a reality