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Let's Get Started

Creating your account to start direct debiting your clients account for their memberships (Australian Businesses Only).

Video 25 Minutes

Choosing the right membership option for your clients will determine if it is a huge success or not.

They need to be able to see the benefit for the membership FOR THEM.

Lets discuss your options 

Video 20 Minutes 

Types Of Memberships 

Use this template to create your own membership options in canva and view the most popular styles. 

Launching any new product or service you need to build up your clients excitement.

Check out the document below for the only checklist you will ever need and some example post ideas. Get Ready To Launch Launch Templates  

Congratulations your first client is ready to sign up.

This video will explain to you the quick and easy process of adding a new client and setting up their direct debit.

Video 20 Min  + 2 Min to complete

After your first week of direct debits you are going to need to reconcile these payment.

Watch as I step you through the easiest way to do this.

Yes it is meant to be blurry to protect my clients details in sections. You may not be able to see what the words say exactly but you can still follow along easily.

Video 8 Min  + 10 minutes to complete

Before you launch you need to  know how you are going to track you members and their payments. 

Let’s chat about how you can do this easily with google sheets. 

Video 20 Minutes  

If you have booking system there is less chance for error if you create customer credits or gift cards


Link to tracker

For a long time I used google sheets to reconcile my membership payments.

And it does work however I don’t like that there is no easy recored to show you what was changed, by who, how much was changed etc.

And truth be told there have been mistakes made by staff that took me HOURS to fix. 

I HIGHLY recommend you reconcile this way as you can view the entire transaction history, nothing is ever forgotten or missed.

My favourite booking system is Ovatu